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I am a retired teacher with over 35 years experience in the classroom.  My philosophy is that art, along with being good for the soul, is also a way to problem solve and access higher ordered thinking skills. Problem solving occurs in the many challenges presented to students as they create sculptures, and work with perspective, color and integration. Students are encouraged to take risks and think outside the box.  The importance of process is emphasized. My work is a demonstration of the process of releasing pre-conceived ideas. Once we begin the process of art making, we allow serendipity  to inform along the way, letting go of the how and why.“Mistakes” are looked at as learning opportunities and students grow to understand that they can also be happy surprises sometimes too! Making mistakes can be the best thing to happen in the pieces we create.  It can be very liberating along with being incredibly fun.

I work out of my studio at McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.  As a teacher and life long learner, I enjoy working with children, turning them on to artists and processes that they usually don’t have time or exposure to investigate in their every day lives.  It’s a place to slow down, experiment, and work with unusual materials.  Work in the studio is a therapeutic experience that allows us to access our authentic selves.

It’s so exciting to see students’ eyes widen as they create wood sculptures a la Louise Nevelson, or become inspired by Hannah Hoch’s photomontages or create “over-accessorized” shoes, and Sailors Valentines.  Students are exposed to amazing art history through the process of making art. And we all learn from each other.

I teach 2-hour daily classes for home schoolers, after school classes throughout the school year, daily classes throughout the summer, and am flexible about creating times for teaching individuals mornings, afternoons, and evenings.


When Andy Faith worked with our 7th Grade Math students during our repurposing project at Henley Middle School, she inspired them to think outside the box. They were able to embrace their creativity in ways we could never have expected.  Thank you Andy for helping to get our recycling project going.

Melanie Dusci & Andrea Burton

When I need a substitute teacher,  Andy is the one I want…. She has an uncanny ability to make art and creativity accessible to all kids.   Andy empowers kids to think  “I can be me today and it’s safe to be me and my ideas are valuable.” -Matthew Caduff

My daughter did art classes with Andy for 2 years,  and the progress that she made was phenomenal….  Andy really brought out her creativity and confidence.   -Ashley M.


  • Listening to our Ancestors
  • Over Accessorized Objects
  • Creating with Mica and Glass Beads
  • Fetishes and Dolls
  • Collages Inspired by Hannah Hoch
  • Sculpture Inspired by Louise Nevelson
  • Story Telling
  • Mixed Media Wabi-Sabi
  • Sailor’s Valentines
  • Recycling/Reclaiming/Repurposing
  • Protective Amulets

These workshops are offered seasonally and scheduling and registration forms can be found on the McGuffey Art Center website.  I can also be reached at


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  1. Anastasia Harrison


    You totally rock! 🙂

    September 7, 2013 at 6:10 pm

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